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A single long slotted hole would work for me. But have 4 bolts arranged in a square only 2.5" between all bolts. Which means I cannot make a full long slot (cannot make a 2-3/16" slot with center to center bolt spaceing of 2.5") and keep the required clear distance to the next hole in the pattern. Long slot short slot? | Blues Harmonica They could just make the long size, but by using a shorter chamber for shorter reeds, they're making air usage more efficient. From the low keys up to Db, you need the long slot. Short slots might inhibit the reed's motion. From D up, you could use long slot, but short will probably be more efficient. Short slot times versus short preambles

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Wu Long Slot Bonus Features Free Spins. Free spins are a common bonus feature for most slots and Wu Long slot is not an exception. To trigger the Dragon’s free games, you have to match at least three or more dragon scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. Lower Antelope Slot Canyon Hiking Tours | Dixie Ellis

What is the wide slot on a household outlet? The wide slot is neutral or the return pathway for the electricty. The small slot is the hot wire. The round slot is the ground wire.

small hole and a long slot in a beam vacuum chamber with a circular cross .... Eqs. (13) and (15) apply also for short slots such that l ≪ b .... V. Acknowledgments. Long-slotted and short-slotted? - Structural engineering ... Kind of, bolt spacing is such that I can only slot 1.5 inches in one ply which is greater than the short slot distance for the 7/8" bolt so I have to classify it as a long-slot. The tolerance on my girt lines are tighter than my column tolerances, and there are few places where it needs to be moved more than my 1.5" slot will allow. Holes and Slots, Standard Sizes -

Long Long Long Slot. If we’re honest, we weren’t quite sure what to expect when we saw the title of this Playtech slot. After all, Long Long Long doesn’t give much away about a game’s overall theme. Instead, it left us wondering about the features and overall gameplay running through it.

Why is One Side of an Outlet/Plug Larger than the Other Jul 23, 2010 · You've probably noticed that in all homes built since the early 80s, the standard configuration for a receptacle is a large slot on the left, a smaller slot on the right, and a roughly circular hole in the middle underneath the two of them. You probably know that the center hole at the bottom is the ground wire, but probably don't know why one slot is larger than the other, or how grounding 5e spells regained from short rest? : dndnext - reddit